Diversity in Play aims to support the next generation of video game artists in reaching their full potential by fostering a more welcoming and inclusive learning and working environment. These educational pages have been created through consultations with committee members, as well as external members from the communities. We invite students and members of partner studios to consult the pages in this section at their own pace.

No two people are at the same level when it comes to this learning process, which is often complex. It is important to give yourself time and come to these resources with an open mind. Each page presents common questions about the communities concerned, some answers that aim to facilitate the inclusion of people in our environments, and above all, links to additional existing resources, whether they be organizational sites, popular fiction or scientific readings.

Finally, let us emphasize an essential element: one’s identity cannot be reduced to the groups and realities presented in these pages. Every identity is plural, irreducible to any of the groupings we propose to explore here. The objective of Diversity in Play is to raise awareness about well-known issues for specific groups and to propose elements that can facilitate their inclusion. In addition to the aspects of identity that are not addressed here, it should be noted that many individuals are in fact at the intersection of several of the realities presented on the site.